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Human Right Based

AJPRODHO JIJUKIRWA adheres to a human rights-based approach (HRBA) who secure principle is that by being human, we are entitled to rights defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. The rights include the right to life, food, shelter, employment, education, etc. Furthermore, all individuals are entitled to Human Rights irrespective of age, ethnic origin, religion, sex or any other factor.

According to the HRBA terminology, state actors and institutions are duty bearers and each citizen is a rights-holder and entitled to the set of Human Rights. The relationship between the rights-holder and duty-bearer is crucial. Rights-holders can claim rights and hold the duty-bearers accountable to respect, protect and fulfill their rights. For AJPRODHO, a rights-based approach requires periodic training of staff and the setting of guidelines for project development and it involves the following elements attention to vulnerable groups, express linkage to right, accountability to all stakeholders, empowerment, participation, non-discrimination and advocacy.