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Institutional Capacity strengthening and cross-cutting issues.

In order to achieve measurable and sustainable impacts, AJPRODHO will need to enhance its organizational capacity. Increasing the skills of current staff while seeking ways to attract and retain other qualified staff is essential. AJPRODHO has a vast number of opportunities which can be realized through having a clear focus to programes, increasing visibility, intensifying outreach, strengthening procedures and continuing to reliably deliver impactful projects to vulnerable youth, women and children.

Further, AJPRODHO seeks to effectively mainstream a number of cross-cutting interventions, in particular, gender equality and inclusion of various vulnerable groups in particular, women, persons with disabilities, and historically marginalized persons.

Goal: AJPRODHO is able to further its mission by strengthening internal skills, knowledge, structures as well as effective mainstreaming of gender equality and inclusion in its programs.


  • To strengthen the capacity of members, staff and organization’s leaders in order to effectively undertake their respective roles and mainstream gender equality, and inclusion in all its programs.
  • To strengthen resource mobilization strategies to ensure sufficient funding of planned interventions;
  • To increase the visibility and communication capacity of the Organisation’s activities.