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Policy Research and Advocacy

Policy research and advocacy is critical in ensuring that an enabling legal, policy and institutional framework to support the enjoyment of human rights is in place. For this to be achieved, it calls for in-depth, robust research to generate compelling evidence to advocate for reforms.  Under this program, AJPRODHO seeks to bolster its experience in research to build a research hub with the expertise to conduct quality research for its own programs as well as other civil society organizations. Relevant Pieces of research will be commissioned across all program areas to inform evidence based advocacy.

Goal: To become a knowledge hub for policy research and advocacy around issues affecting youth and children’s rights in Rwanda.

Specific Objectives:

  • To commission relevant pieces of research around issues of human rights, access to justice, youth and children participation, youth economic empowerment, climate justice and others;
  • Advocate for relevant public policy reforms aimed at addressing identified challenges/gaps by commissioned research;
  • Strengthen documentation and publication of research findings as well as extend research and advocacy expertise to peer civil society organizations in need.